Secretary Chuck Carr Brown, PhD.

Air Requirements Library


LDEQ Disclaimer: The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) has made every reasonable effort to ensure quality and accuracy in producing this data set. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that the information on which it is based may have come from any of a variety of sources, which are of varying degrees of accuracy. Therefore, LDEQ cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data set, and does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of its use. The requirements displayed are the most current version and are frequently updated: therefore the requirement language in individual permits may vary depending upon the permit's date of issuance. Not all requirements displayed will apply to an individual facility. The requirements in this report do not signify a signed, binding, or otherwise official document. Any differences in this report and any issued permit are unintentional. The signed hard copy of the permit supersedes any information in this report.