Secretary Chuck Carr Brown, PhD.

Solid Waste Financial Assurance Templates

The Solid Waste Regulations promulgated on November 20, 2011 removed the requirement to maintain liability insurance.  Facilities with permits that require liability insurance must maintain coverage until it is removed from their permit.  That requirement can be removed by submitting a minor modification request. 

The Solid Waste Regulations require the wording of financial assurance documents be identical to documents provided in the appendices of LAC 33:VII.1399.  The following templates are provided to assist with the required wording.  Text in red are the instructions to complete the documents and should be edited as instructed.

Certificate of Insurance for Closure and/or Post-Closure Care 

Corporate Guarantee For Closure and/or Post-Closure Care

Financial Guarantee Bond

Irrevocable Letter of Credit for Closure and/or Post-Closure Costs

Letter From the Chief Financial Officer for Closure and/or Post-Closure

Performance Bond

Trust Agreement/Standby Trust Agreement


 Updated: 8/15/2013