Secretary Chuck Carr Brown, PhD.

Ideas for Business

Employee Education, Notification and Participation

  • Assign Ozone Action Program (OAC) Coordinator(s)
  • Promote employee education/awareness of ozone issue and helpful individual actions (e.g. internal newsletters, seminars, flyers, etc.)
  • Employee alerts (e-mail, network boot up message, intercom, bulletin board, flags, etc.)
  • Incentives for participating employees (e.g. raffle prizes, reserved parking, casual dress, meals/drinks, flex time)

Operations and Maintenance Activities

  • Postpone maintenance and landscaping activities which use small engines
  • Postpone vehicle fleet refueling until the evening
  • Use fleet vehicles to attend lunch and meetings
  • Employ building energy conservation measures
  • Restrict indoor and outdoor paint jobs on alert days
  • Switch to low VOC solvents and architectural coatings
  • Change work schedules to mitigate commute traffic jams

Commuter Actions

  • Encourage commute alternatives for employees
    • rideshare - carpool/vanpool
    • telecommute/work at home
    • public transportation
    • walk/bike
    • flexible work hours
  • Establish shuttles for groups of employees going between sites or to/from transit stations
  • Encourage (incentives) employees not to travel by auto at lunch time
    • subsidize or provide lunches
    • encourage brown bag lunches or ordering in
    • provide shuttle service to common dining areas
  • Parking management - preferences for rideshare vehicles

For more information about how you or your business can become an Ozone Action Program participant, please contact Jean Kelly at 225-219-3966 or the Capital Region Planning Commission, (225)383-5203; or at the Louisiana DEQ, (225)765-0169.    You may also email deqassistance@LA.GOV, or call RIDESHARE at (225)344-RIDE (7433).