Secretary Chuck Carr Brown, PhD.

Electronic Waste

Electronics Reuse and Recycling

Diverting e-waste from our landfills help protect our environment and conserve resources.

  • For every thousand cell phones we recycle, 35 pounds of copper, 12 ounces of silver, 1 ounce of gold, and ½ ounce of palladium can be recovered.
  • Recycling one thousand laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by three Louisiana homes in an entire year.

E-recycling by certified recyclers ensures that valuable materials are not wasted, and that toxic materials are not landfilled or incinerated.

What Items can be Recycled?

Computers, laptops, cell phones, televisions (check with recycler), rechargeable batteries, radios, monitors, printers, video game systems, digital cameras, fax machines, toner cartridges, etc.

What Items cannot (generally) be Recycled?

Home appliances (e.g. microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, A/C units, furniture, copy machines)

List of E-recycling dropoff locations in Louisiana*

List of E-recycling events in Louisiana*


* These lists are for informational purposes only; LDEQ does not endorse or recommend any e-recyclers.


Issues with Discarded Electronics

Hazardous component constituents like lead, mercury and cadmium can be found in televisions and computer monitors. Materials such as nickel, beryllium, and zinc can be found in circuit boards. It is important that we be careful how we dispose these items due to the presence of these substances. Non-residential waste generators must conduct a hazardous waste determination before sending e-waste for disposal.

What Should I Consider Before I Buy a New Electronic Device?

Keep the environment in mind by asking:

  • Can I upgrade my old equipment?
  • What parts can I reuse in my new system? PC users can think about reusing monitors, scanners, printers and other peripherals.
  • Does the manufacturer have a take back program? If so, what are the restrictions?
  • Does my employer have a recycling program? Is there a cost to the consumer?
  • Is there a local electronics dropoff site or periodic collection event?
  • Are there any schools, charity or non-profit organizations in the area to which I can donate the equipment?

Helpful Links to Donate Your Electronic Equipment

  • A non-profit organization in Louisiana accepting e-waste for recycling is the Corporate Recycling Council (CRC) http://www.cacrc.com/.
  • All Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile retail locations in Louisiana accept most electronic equipment for recycling.  More information can be found at www.bestbuy.com/recycling.
  • The National Christina Foundation http://www.cristina.org/dsf/ accepts donated computers to give to people with disabilities and students at risk.
  • The Electronic Industries Alliance http://www.eiae.org/whatsnew/news.cfm?ID=100 has a listing of National Programs that recycle electronics.

  • Cellular phones and rechargeable batteries are easily recycled. To find the nearest drop-off retailer call 1-877-2-RECYCLE or check out www.call2recycle.org.
  • Visit www.apple.com/recycling for information to recycle your Apple and non-Apple products.

  • Visit www.hp.com/recycle for information to recycle your HP and non-HP products.

  • Visit www.lgrecyclingprogram.com for information to recycle LG, Zenith and GoldStar products.

  • Visit www.kodak.com/go/RecycleMyScanner for information to recycle Kodak Document Scanners.

  • Check out www.thinkgreen.com.

  • Check out www.greenergadgets.org.

  • Helpful Reading Materials (require Adobe Reader software)

  • Check out DEQ's E-Recycling Brochure.

  •  Visit http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/materials/ecycling/index.htm.

  • For more information about electronics recycling, contact the DEQ at 1-866-896-LDEQ (5337).

    Note: The Department does not collect electronics for recycling.  We will be happy to connect you with the nearest recycling opportunity.