Secretary Chuck Carr Brown, PhD.

Ornaments from Greeting Cards

Materials & Tools:

  • Old greeting cards
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Clips
  • Cutting patterns: circle & triangle
  • A Mardi Gras doubloon or a large coin for our circle cutting pattern.
    (The larger the circle the larger the finished ornament)
  • A triangle pattern which fits snuggly inside the circle.


You need to trace and cut 20 circles from the front of the greeting card for each ornament. You may want to use greeting cards of like colors or patterns. Or you can experiment with complimenting and contrasting colors.

Trace the triangle firmly with an ink pen or letter opener on the back of every circle.

Then fold on the creases.

You will need 5 circles for the base of the ornament. 10 circles for the middle band, and 5 for the top.

You glue the bottom 5 circles together. Do this by putting glue only on two of the tabs for each of the five circles. Clamp each pair of tabs with clothes pins or binder clips.

Keep adding the circles, tab by tab, until you have a twenty circle ball completely glued together.

One ornament takes approximately one hour. And you will get faster if you mass produce the circles or develop an assembly line with a couple of friends.

Enjoy and remember to reduce, reuse, recycle, and buy products with recycled content.